Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you planning an Oscar party?

Are you planning an Oscar party? Well, I really like watching awards shows...my husband not so much. So I guess I won't be having one of these! To be honest, I haven't watch a grown up movie in I don't know when so unless they are nominating Rio then I wouldn't know any movie nominated but I LOVE seeing what everyone is wearing. Anyway, I would love to have one...especially using these lovely FREE printables from Twig & Thistle. They had me at the color combo black and white!
How cute is this Oscar statue?
LOVE the popcorn boxes! Movies and popcorn together a must!
You can send out the ballot with the invite or have guests fill out once they arrive.

Tally up the scores and announce the winners with a cute favor of course! I am switching over my FACEBOOK to a business one so if you are my current friend make sure you click on my FB link on the right sidebar to like my new page!


  1. These are cute! Thank you so much for the wonderful find!

  2. Too cute! ♥ I love love love those popcorn boxes!
    Have a lovely day!